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  1. SIR,please explain who started Feudalism in short?Just by saying Bramhins/Upper caste didnt start Untouchabilty or Feudalism is giving blurred picture to us…They were at top in hierarchy…and usually powerfull people rules…so it created confusion…and if nt UC then who?
    I believe may be we have to wait for ancient/medival to get answers…
    Please reply sir as i have applied ur formula of (WHO/WHY)

    And thank you for such wonderful explanation 🙂

  2. Thank you sir. You are not only teaching history but also how to lead life.
    I think u r the true meaning of GURU.
    Sir this vedio some disturbance in recording.
    Try to maintain clarity as previous videos.

  3. sir , i completed chapter 1 here and near felt that connectivity will bring so much of change in clarity of timeline … I was searching for someone who can guide/mentor me around this journey .

  4. Sir I “accuse” you for my history prem and am very thankful. I wish to pursue it as my optional. can you please have a video seminar to help in optional or start optional course. I am sure you might have many more students inspired for this optional.

  5. Sir, I can see that in the name of NCERT you have taught almost all the units of Spectrum….. the best investment of my life to purchase this course. I am also trying to apply the C3 formula in other subjects as well and I must say that it makes things very understandable and connectable.

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