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  1. Sir, only Veadas called aporushaye, Bibal and Kuraan was not called. because Bibal was written by Jesus Christ and Kuraan was written by Hazrat Muhammad . please answer sir.

  2. Hello sir ….I used your concept and applied in UPSC CAPF I cleared written exam and now preparing for interview…I am really thankful to you sir….for this wonderful concept …….will definitely fulfill my due contribution …

  3. Hello Sir, I have a doubt on cornwallis judicial organization?
    1. How are sadar diwani adalat and district courts different? If they are same can you please explain the hierarchy of these courts?
    I am little confused by the ncert language.
    Thank you

  4. we respect you a lot sir and thankful, ive watched 2 courses and made notes of MIH two times but i scored well in 2020 prelims because of your course.
    not just MIH it helped me in other.
    my marks jumped 22 marks from my earlier attempt although i fell short, im again watching for my 2021 prelims. and focusing solely on revisions and thinking immediately after reading every paragraph

  5. it took me 4 years to understand the importance of c3, meditation, gurus , acharyas, Geeta. been in vajiram for 1 year, there too never botherd what you were saying about these all. all lost. but finally here watching this online course. thanks for everything Avadh ojha sir. you are a true Acharya.

  6. i have a question about army organisation. That still army regiments are divided on basis of caste,religion and region. Why still it is happining after independence. Is it to protect country from situation like sikh mutiny in 1984

  7. sir ………..mai toh upsc ka exam nhi de rha hu but mai apke classes dekhta hu apne bhut ache se padhaya hai c3 ke concept na kewal padhai mai balki humare life mai bhi kaam aate hai , aapke margdarshan se mai sadhguru ke inner engg course kr liye aur unse bhi bhut kush seekhne ko mila nyaa aapko koti koti dhanaywaad sir …………….

    ur student
    nikhil magotra

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