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Course Description

This is a combo course for all three courses of Ancient, Modern and Medieval Indian History. If you are interested in taking up the course of Ancient, Medieval and Modern India together, then opt for this combo course.

This course is specially designed by Avadh Ojha Sir for UPSC Preparations, considering the NCERT Indian History.

This course gives an in-depth analysis of the Indian History and clears all your concepts for the history

Course Contents:

  • In-depth analysis and course completion, from UPSC entrance point of view.
  • Tips and suggestions from Ojha sir, on how to reach NCERT and clear your concepts for the course.
  • How to handle and answer the UPSC questions, during UPSC entrance exams.
  • How questions are framed for UPSC and how you need to analyse the question and answer them.
  • Analysis and implementation of the concepts in tackling any life goals, not just UPSC.
  • How to handle exam pressure.
  • How to handle the pressure of any challenge and issues in life.

This course is not just about history, it is about how to crack the UPSC and to face the overall goals and objectives in life.


₹ 5,500.00 ₹ 3,500.00