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  1. Thank you sir for healping me to understand about real education..and i will see the future i as a arjun and you as a krishna and tell me the path of success in ias and in life…thank you sir for all this

  2. Sir i have started reading ncert after your class everyday, now i find it very easy to understand. Previously i took 2 days to read one chapter but then i could not connect properly, but now it is taking just less than 3 hours to read and understand the content of one chapter. Its All because of you. Thank you so much sir. As of now thank you is all i can say but definitely will remember this help in future.

    • Dear User,

      please note, the recording for the video of Chapter 2, Lecture 2 is scheduled to be done again soon, as the first recording had some audio issues, we will reupload this and will update everyone for this soon, thanks.

  3. Sir,Thank You for such crisp and lucid content.As everyone has been pointing point out abt audio quality after 1hr 7min,i request to please reshoot abt those topics at the earliest…And hoping to get updation msg after the videos are reshoot.

    Heartfelt THANKYOU

  4. Sir, Dupleix was successful in his plan and execution ,why was he called back by the french Government ?

    Why did they remove their strong commander from the position ?

  5. The best feeling was when I realized why and how Clive preferred keeping EIC underground and not at the forefront of political power in Bengal.
    And then how you correlated the same concept in the life of an IAS aspirant.

    You are great sir.

  6. Sir I have a little confusion regarding the difference between jagirdari and diwani
    In Modern India
    chapter 2 page 49
    Shah alam II grants the diwani rights i.e the right to collect taxes
    But the nawab gave the jagir of Bengal i.e the ownership of land
    But the purpose of both jagirs and diwani is same, here I am a bit confused
    Please help.

  7. Sir, it is a humble request- pls, don’t let anyone touch the phone while recording.
    It sometimes block the mic and disconnect us from your valuable words.

  8. Sir video is not opening , playing is the different thing !!
    Sort it out immediately !! I dropped even a msg to your email check this out !!
    Thank you

  9. Sir this programme as you stated is really serving as a sanjeevni for students. Your voice and thoughts are really keeping us away from stress and negativity amidst this period of pandemic. Thanks for keeping us energetic.

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