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  1. Sir your so great, giving away such course in this crisis for such a low price. Not 2200 even if we pay 22000 people are not ready to share such ncert program even if they have knowledge to share. Your doing it right away considering crisis and I think it requires courage and honesty being a top rated faculty to do this in this coaching institutes race for their requirements.

  2. Sir, I came to know about you in lockdown. These 2 months, I did kapalabhati, anulom vilom, and yoga asanas. I can feel positive changes in life. I am more determined to work with courage to change the society for better.
    Sir, I thank you for changing my life by sharing invaluable secrets of pranayam and meditation, law of connectivity, and application of mind. Your NCERT course is a boon for us in lockdown. Words are utterly futile to express my gratitude; still, I am grateful for encountering with you.
    Thank you sir. 🙏

  3. sir u mentioned sindh signed perpetual treaty with english
    but actually ranjit singh signed the perpetual treaty of friendship in 1809 with british….please correct sir

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