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  1. most thankful for your this initiative sir…first time i learn history not as a subject but as moral lessons for life… from your classes first time i know the real motive of education… thank you sir…

  2. I think words are not suffiecent to appreciate your work…. Insha Allah after becoming an IAS officer and touching your feet would make me able to thank your work….

  3. Im from colonelganj,gonda was following u rigorously in fb live sessions,, did my part in my village to help needy families,then I got to know about this , immediately enrolled ,SIR this is literally helping me and I’m ready to donate whatever it will take for this program 2200 is just a bit .
    Thanks and regards
    Suryans singh ,gonda

  4. Pranam Sir 🙏!
    I humble request to you sir, this program C(cube) should be continue for Art and Culture, World History and Polity also.
    I have only limited money to Donate, I will Donate for this amazing programme, which i never learned, neither tried myself nor anyone could learn me. After cleared Exam I will Personally meet to you and Give “Guru-Dakshina”. Sir, Your Initiative is very very Appreciable. This is Life Blood, Heart-beat, Every Single Breath of Aspirants and everyone’s life changing.

  5. Thank u soo much sir for ur guidence in the path of life….I hope dis art of connecting and consolidating makes me more mature and most importantly a learned person.

  6. Sir one day we shall meet n sir thnks alot for this program. Sir i was planning to leave UPSC preparation but ur videos in fb gave me a new direction and I got to know what real world is and ofcourse UPSC…I shall meet u sir oneday n u will be proud of me sir

  7. Sir, I have humble request to you just move and roll the great Program of india “DVIJ”.This give immense power and confidence to me that i can also do best in life.Sir,i have never meet you but i know you from mid of last year from a video of farewell by VAJIRAM & RAVI STUDENTS,from then i have watched almost every video of farewell and learnt a lot which i never learnt in my entire life even in my 4 year of engineering.Sir,engineering just provide employment but life moves by these concepts from Humanity Subjects.Once you said that education without application is garbage and my engineering degree seems like that, gives nothing except employment and little attitude and confidence, i am doing job since my from 2016 in different organisation till today but never got satisfaction so changed 3 organisation in approx.4 year of journey of professional life.While working i saw & got chance to attend the meeting with different DM and administrative people of Central &State govt. and also got Law & Order duty in different field then i come to know & decided that engineering is not my passion.I will only get that much satisfaction which i want in Administration only,so i started to think about CSE but after watching your thoughts my real dream got momentum,So thanks a lot Sir to show me great and new path.I promise you that i will meet, once i qualified with bag full of Money!!!!

  8. Thnx for the life changing course guruji….🙏
    NCERT becomes interesting through CONCEPT, CONNECTIVITY & CONSOLIDATION formula…Sir please make also such videos for POLITY & ECONOMICs…

  9. Sir, I am getting a blank screen with an error “ didn’t send any data” for all the videos in this curriculum. Please provide some help to fix this issue.

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