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  1. Sir. Was “ development of means of transport and communication”. Discussed briefly. Just asking this because in the previous lecture 3, there was empty video towards the end part.
    Rest everything is going as perfect as it can be for us. We appreciate ur efforts sir.🙂

  2. Sir….It will be good to develop an app. On the line of Netflix, Amazon prime videos, Hotstar etc video download option can be provided in the app. video can’t be downloaded in external memory, it will save in app.
    It will be helpful to students in Kashmir valley where internet connection is slow.
    Than u Sir..

  3. Respected sir, In the lecture you said zamindars were the owners of land but at the same you also said zamindars were tenants of state. Who was the actual owner of land?

    • Friend in permanent settlement, zamindars were treated as landowners as long as they didn’t fail to deliver the exact amount of taxation. The de facto owner of the land were the british only.

  4. Respected sir, In your lecture you said zamindar was the owner of land but at the same time you also said zamimdar was tenant of state. Who was the actual owner of land?

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