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  1. Sir i see in you the same love for nation and its people as in Dr. Kalam. You are right sir education is the soul of nation. Dr. Kalam also beleived in this. He also advocated creative education. Education which awaken minds. Sir we are very lucky to be taught by such great personality like you. We will definitely disperse this c cube theory downward and support you in your ambitious plan of capturing parliament. Jai hind.

  2. sir 50% women population already was kept illiterate. 10% dalit men (women counted) were also not allowed edu. 25% obc men (women already counted) were marginalised. lets assume 12% were educated to some degree in indian education. and 20% upper caste people. so 32% plus 3% other. 35% at max could have known what indian education is. that too 50% (passing mark edu). didn’t indian education died because not many people were educated in it beyond elementary level?

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