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  1. I am always thankful to you sir for your lovely efforts towards us.
    Every class has teaches us lots of things..
    I can’t explain it in words.
    Thanks a lots sir….

  2. Sir plz start NCERT course of all subjects for upsc ,u r really great,next year I will give exam n then meet you to give you whatever something I will have as an IAS

  3. what a wonderful approach sir “10000 topo ki salami ”
    before your classes i had watch a video on youtube where u challane for understanding ncert within a month
    i had gone through it and read ncert 2 times within a month but never understand that as like u taugt us in a very lucid manner in this course of dwijj u bring a change in me sir i had learnt the art of connecting things and consolidating also i dont know what almight decided for me
    but i ll always thanxx to him for enrolling in this course , i pledge for being that change ……………the change in the nation

    ur obedient disciple

  4. thank u so much sir….i will always be thankful to u…surely I will get the opportunity of meetinf with u after clearing the exam…you hv become a source of inspiration for me…

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