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  1. Could you please convey the message to Ojha Sir that he may include 10 minutes of insight on Mains answer writing at the end of the lecture.
    It will be of great help.

  2. Q. Spontaneous or well planned?
    A. Spontaneous ( according to given information).
    a. Any war , movement etc. is based on planning and priority for example 1939,1905,1920,1930,1942 etc. all these were based on planning and priority so we called as war, struggle , movement etc.
    b. It lacked a forward looking programme,a coherent ideology, a political perspective or vision of the future society and economy.
    c. No societal alternative to be implemented after the capture of power.
    d. They were united only by their hatred of british rule.
    e. If this was a planned then why did not Bipin Chandra give its heading ” National Movement of 1857″
    According to some scholar…
    Sir John Lawrence “Sepoy’s Mutiny”
    L.E.R Rees “Religious war”
    J.G. Medley ” Racial Struggle”
    T.R. Holmes ” Conflict between Civilization and Barbarism”
    All these show this revolt was spontaneous.
    Sorry if I wrong.

  3. Sir please take one session for how to read the Hindu newspaper so that we get habbituated of reading newspaper.please sir please it will help us lot .
    Thanks 🙏

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