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    • Ans1. Upper house of Britain is called as House of Lords. All these GGB/GGI/Viceroy if they were part of upper house of britain then lord is prefix to their name.

    • titles are legal in Britain due to half baked monarchy. in india abolished. since they use titles in their country so we can say it. they are dead people. or we can stop calling them including queen Elizabeth, prince Charles etc. surely in india you have a choice.

  1. Sir, I am so glad that I found you before my preparation for UPSC.
    You have changed my complete perspective of studying.
    I underestimated NCERT,but when I finished the first 5 chapters of modern India NCERT,and then I picked up ‘spectrum’.This book is a complete game.its “nothing”.
    My only request is a little bit increase in your pace will be very helpful.
    Thank you sir.

  2. Sir, why tribal people were far more perseverant and effective in their fight against the British, as compared to others?
    Reference: Kol of chotanagpur, sanathals.

  3. Just wanted to mention sir, in Roman numbers we write numbers as :
    Mentioning ist, nd,th, rd with roman number is incorrect.
    I am not at all wise in front of you but wanted to rectify you on this point.

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