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  1. Sir today i have seen an question of dristy ias that which gov.gen.of india started covenented civil service which letter become civil service of india??and their ans was cornawalis…here we learn that robert clive started as covenented cs in india…sir pls clarify

    • kausik this answer is what ojha sir taught in iqra online. its not mine. but I found it in bl grover which he recommended. so taking liberty to answer (accept it only if you like). Robert clive made covenanted civil service. and formed ‘society of trade’ which monopolised certain items (from private trade) and then distributed it among officers of company (collective plunder). it and ban on private trade did not work. and also it was crude version of covenant civil service. and in this series sir explained that cornwalis give it a better form, increased salary to rs 1500 which was maxim paid to any service in the world, banned private trade, and collector had 1% commission on every collection of revenue. he was successful and hence credited for covenant civil service.

        • The seeds of civil service was laid by Clive but he couldn’t check successfully the corruption and private trade of the companies servant. Taking his idea forward of reforming the character of the administrative servants,Cornawallis laid a strong foundation of civil service by increasing the salary of the servants to one of the highest paid in the contemporary world,so that their lure for extra income(trade) could be stopped.Thus the system was overhauled with dedicated officers for the service.

  2. i have a question about army organisation. That still army regiments are divided on basis of caste,religion and region. Why still it is happining after independence. Is it to protect country from situation like sikh mutiny in 1984

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