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  1. Saadar Pranaam Sir,
    Earlier I used to think there is lack of true leaders, who can lead this country in right direction. But when I came to know about you, my conception has changed. Sir I’m inspired by ur Vision esp. NAUJAWAN KRANTI. I’m happy and feel pleasure that indirectly I’m part of it.
    Sir, I’ve learned may things from this nobel initiative NCERT course.
    1) Now I know the MILLION DOLLER FORMULA of C3 [C- cube] and how to implement it in study. It has enhanced my understanding and notes making skill.
    2) Meditation: formula of reincarnation. To become Buddha from Siddarth.
    3) Youth is the real power of this country and has the potential to decide future course. mentioned in ur youtube video to open a school in 2021. Very nobel thought sir. I’ll try to do what I can do in my personal capacity.

    Thank u so much Sir…🙏🙏

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