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    • No brother it isn’t like that.As after 1757 EIC got control over bengal it’s officers made supply of raw materials their monopoly and began selling it at higher price and forced weavers ,artisans etc to sell finished goods at a lower price.

    • Britishers bought and exported raw materials like cotton in bulk from the local producers so Indian Artisans had to buy raw materials at higher rate than them, on the other side they were compelled to sell their goods below market price and also they hired the local artisans, craftsmen at low wages than the wages that were prevailing that time.
      And hence it was a double sided attack.

  1. Sir, how should we approach the course. Would it be beneficial if we through the ncert chapter wise and watch its subsequent video lecture. Or will it be of more help if we watch the video first and then go through the chapter.

  2. sir INDIA come from the word SIND which turned into HIND to us and IND to west. which became INDIA. when they called us india indica etc. we were in absolute glory. bharat what we call ourselves. Bharat= Hindustan (kazakistan krgyistan etc. type)= INDIA. so why so much of emphasis on bharat turning to india. bharat means knowledge?

  3. उत्तर लेखन की कला के बारे में भी बताए कि किस प्रकार से मेंस में लिखा जाए। बहुत प्रकार की भ्रांतियों में फस गए है

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