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  1. I’m so grateful that I am being guided by you in such a eye opening way. Thank you for emboldening me. Your positivity and encouragement is helping me to understand it better and in a more thoughtful way though I have read ncert twice still didn’t had this type of connectivity.
    Thankyou sir 🙏🏻

    • because presidencies were hub of educated middle class while rest of regions were apathetic towards political consciousness until Gandhi ji took course of freedom movement in his hand

  2. As a result many famous colleges came up in same timeline of (1870s-80s) ex- fergusson college , where nationalist leaders were the teachers who could impart knowledge in right direction , to the youth (imp element of nationalist movement) and gradually bring them in the movement.
    I could never connect why ojha sir talked so graciously about certain colleges/institutions, but thankfully now I am able to connect.

    Highest form of gratitude to ojha sir on behalf of all !

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