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  1. Thanks, Sir.. for the initiative I was looking for your video as your videos not only contain teaching but also the knowledge from different walks of life which is very helpful in the preparation of UPSC.
    Happy Learning …..
    Constructive Feedback: Please don’t end the video abruptly. In the earlier video some time it got paused and end abruptly.

  2. Don’t have sufficient words to praise u for your marvellous work for us… Allah bless u sir… I can just give u wishes to u nd ur family

    Always Be happy and safe

  3. Hi Sir – A small query for contradiction.

    If India was sink of Gold and Silver given by English traders, why Mughal Emperors were suffering from economic breakdown. Why they have not filled up their treasures with the gold and silver and used them to revive their economy? Mughals were their till 1857.
    Who was the central controlling and regulatory authority for the entire wealth of the country in 18 Century. Kindly guide.


  4. sir , i completed chapter 1 here and near felt that connectivity will bring so much of change in clarity of timeline … I was searching for someone who can guide/mentor me around this journey .

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