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Please note: Admissions to this batch is now closed. We will announce the new batch of History Optional in coming days/

History will not be a mystery anymore!

Course Overview:

Launching History Optional Course for UPSC by Sri Avadh Ojha Sir. Now crack the UPSC with History as your optional choice of the subject.

  • 150 Days of Classes.
  • Meticulously designed notes by Ojha Sir
  • FREE ACCESS of NCERT Video lectures of Ancient, Medieval and Modern India.
  • 200 framed questions by Ojha Sir, for UPSC Mains (exclusively only for this batch)
  • Exam pattern-based coverage of the most important questions and relevant concepts for Mains Examination.
  • Discussion of previous years’ questions which are integrated with answer writing skills.
  • Batch running successfully
  • Daily classes for 03 hours, from 09 pm to 12 midnight. (Easier for working students, to attend).
  • Dedicated telegram group, for clearing doubts
  • Weekly doubt classes one on one session with Ojha sir, for pre-selected doubt questions.
  • Fee for this course in future batches will be increased to Rs 50,000 + 18% GST

Why Choose History Optional and Myths About History?

View the videos and decide

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  • Fact 1: History is the safest optional subject, which comprises 70% in G.S.
  • Fact 2: History gives a smart perspective to be a Civil Servant, Citizen and being a better human.
  • Myth 1: History is a difficult subject with a vast syllabus. Please note that in the optional syllabus of History, only 50% of the full course is there. Please view the video for more details. History is one of the most enjoyable subjects, as History is based on stories with messages and lessons. This subject has a high potential of getting excellent marks. 
  • Myth 2: History is a subject of dates and years. In modern History and World history, you don’t have to remember the date and years at all.
  • Myth 3: In History, you get fewer marks. In the past before 1990, more than 95% of aspirants opted for History as optional, reason, their concept of History was unambiguous. When you join this course, you will get an exact and in-depth syllabus from Ojha sir, which will help to clear your basic concepts. Apart from this
    • Free access of NCERT for UPSC (Ancient, Medieval and Modern India courses will be provided, totally free.)
    • 200 Framed Questions of Mains by Ojha Sir for practise: 200 framed questions by Ojha Sir, for UPSC Mains.
    • Free Notes from Ojha Sir, for lectures and topics as pdf, will be provided, to all the students.
    • Myth 4: History is difficult to memorise. It is a request to the students, to please not mug up. Instead, clear your concepts, Ojha sir will help in clearing the concepts. Ojha sir will provide the framework, charts and formulas, to help you clear the concepts of the course.
    • Myth 5: No connection with other subjects. History is an interdisciplinary science.

Fee structure and how to make payment:

Regular Fee: 31,500
Discounted Fee: ₹ 26,500/- (Till 31 Dec 2020)

An additional fee of 18% GST is applicable on the above fee

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Admissions to this batch of Dec 2020 are now closed. We will soon announce a new batch of History Optional in the month of May 2021.

Please join our telegram group at https://t.me/avadhojhaportal to get the notification

Please note: Admissions to this batch is now closed. We will announce the new batch of History Optional in coming days/


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