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History will no more be a Mystery!

Admission Closed

Please note, admission to this course is now closed. We will launch a new History Optional batch in the coming days. We will do the Announcement for the latest batch of History Optional soon on our website and social medial channels.

History Optional for UPSC, by Avadh Ojha Sir

An Ultimate Course designed and planned by Ojha Sir himself, to handle the complicated portions of History for UPSC in a simplistic manner.

Ojha sir is a renowned coach for the UPSC preparations. His unique method of teaching helps you develop the basic concept of connectivity and help you summarise the vast course of UPSC very easily.

This year prepare to crack UPSC, under the guidance of Avadh Ojha Sir.

Course Overview:

  • Recorded lectures covering complete portions of Ancient, Medieval, Modern India and World History for UPSC syllabus.
  • The Course develops the concept of connectivity, and also clears the foundation.

What’s more?

  • Live weekly one on one interaction with Ojha sir, doubt sessions on Google Meet and Zoom call.
  • Personal interaction with Ojha sir himself will help you clear a lot of your doubts and concerns, wrt UPSC.
  • 200+ set of unique and important questions, designed by Ojha sir.

Course Validity: 06 Months from the date of subscribing/registering for the course

Class timings: Completely flexible timings, all video lectures provided to you, and you may start streaming them online, as per your own convenience and time slots.

  • You can stream/view these lectures n number of times. Forward or rewind as per your convenience.
  • Our platform avadhojha.com is a universal platform and works on any device with the internet, so it’s flexible enough to help you watch videos on your existing devices, just with the help of the internet. No burden of purchasing any special device for watching our lectures. Our platform avadhojha.com can stream on smartphones, laptop, desktops, mobiles, iPad, tablets and even smart TVs.

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  • All our lectures are under license of copyright protection, under the copyright protection Act of India.
  • So copying our videos, illegal piracy, downloads, sharing, distribution etc are strictly not allowed.
  • We will take strict legal action against people doing so.
  • We have embedded tracking of video usage with the location, IP and we collect data on the video usage to check if there are any suspicious downloads of video happening with some third party software. In such cases the culprits will not be given any warning from our end, instead, strict legal action will be enforced.
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  • The course is designed to help you crack UPSC, and any effort to waste the time, energy and hard work of faculty and the team, will be taken very seriously.

Fee structure and how to make payment:

  • Course Fees: Rs. 20,000/-

** Please note, an additional fee of 18% GST is applicable on the above fee

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Why Fees?

Many times, the question is asked why we are charging a fee for this course? Where is the fees for this course utilised?

We want to update everyone that the RAY foundation by Avadh Ojha Sir, was established with an ultimate vision and very unique ideas to help people not just for UPSC, but for the overall growth and purpose of the awakening of minds for people from all aspects of life.

Henceforth the long term objective and mission of the RAY foundation is to open a school project, where students from very basic classes are taught the concepts of awakening, meditation and at the same time, change their approach towards life and education.

The present education system focuses too much on the result-oriented approach, hence the issue of mugging up the subject and facts arises, this creates a wide gap in the minds of pupils about the concept clarity, leading to a weak foundation of subjects.

Hence to achieve this overall goal of presenting a world-class and unique educational environment for the world, we are asking for the fees as the donation.

70% of the fees you pay for History optional will be utilised for this cause, while 30% would be operational expenses. So, we are not making any profits or money, but we are going to build a better nation by the fee which is paid for this programme.

Please call or What’s app at 9810934899 or email to info@avadhOjha.com for questions

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Why Choose History Optional and Myths About History?

View the videos and decide

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  • Fact 1: History is the safest optional subject, which comprises 70% in G.S.
  • Fact 2: History gives a smart perspective to be a Civil Servant, Citizen and being a better human.
  • Myth 1: History is a difficult subject with a vast syllabus. Please note that in the optional syllabus of History, only 50% of the full course is there. Please view the video for more details. History is one of the most enjoyable subjects, as History is based on stories with messages and lessons. This subject has a high potential of getting excellent marks. 
  • Myth 2: History is a subject of dates and years. In modern History and World history, you don’t have to remember the date and years at all.
  • Myth 3: In History, you get fewer marks. In the past before 1990, more than 95% of aspirants opted for History as optional, reason, their concept of History was unambiguous. When you join this course, you will get an exact and in-depth syllabus from Ojha sir, which will help to clear your basic concepts. Apart from this
    • 200 Framed Questions of Mains by Ojha Sir for practise: 200 framed questions by Ojha Sir, for UPSC Mains.
    • Free Notes from Ojha Sir, for lectures and topics as pdf, will be provided, to all the students.
    • Myth 4: History is difficult to memorise. It is a request to the students, to please not mug up. Instead, clear your concepts, Ojha sir will help in clearing the concepts. Ojha sir will provide the framework, charts and formulas, to help you clear the concepts of the course.
    • Myth 5: No connection with other subjects. History is an interdisciplinary science.
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Terms and Conditions

  • All videos are the copyright protected and belong to AvadhOjha.com, downloading and sharing of videos is strictly prohibited. We can take legal actions against the person, group or company if found to be involved in the process of recording and distributing the videos.
  • Refund of fee: The course fee is totally non-refundable. Registration fee and course fee once submitted will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • If a student fails to make the fee payment on time, then his course might be suspended due to non-payment of the fee.
  • This is an online course, which needs a minimum internet speed of 2Mbps, if the internet speed is slow, then the course will not stream properly.
  • The course can be streamed online on any mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop devices

Admission Closed

Please note, admission to this course is now closed. We will launch a new History Optional batch in the coming days. We will do the Announcement for the latest batch of History Optional soon on our website and social medial channels.


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