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  1. it took me 4 years to understand the importance of c3, meditation, gurus , acharyas, Geeta. been in vajiram for 1 year, there too never botherd what you were saying about these all. all lost. but finally here watching this online course. thanks for everything Avadh ojha sir. you are a true Acharya.

  2. Sir, I understand that while teaching you are fully engrossed into the theme of the chapter and not specific details cause that’s where our role comes into play. It is our duty to read every line and likewise I found that bahadur shah granted the sardeshmukhi of the deccan and refused chauth and you said vice versa. Also I would like to add that the curriculum of teaching that you are following is so mesmerizing that even my mother who heard your lecture by default (she was sitting beside me doing her house chores) said at the end “R e itna jaldi kaise khatam hogaya?”. She was spellbound and so am I. Thank you sir.

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