Foundation Course: NCERT History

Combo Ancient, Modern and Medieval India Course

Ancient and Modern India (NCERT)

₹5500/- for 1 Year* (Combo Course)

Ancient India History Course (NCERT Base)

Ancient Indian (NCERT)

₹1500/- for One Year *

Ancient India History Course (NCERT Base)

Modern India (NCERT)

₹1500/- for One Year *

Other Courses

Miracle UPSC Test Series
History Optional for UPSC

History Optional for UPSC (New Batch)
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History Optional by Ojha Sir

History Optional, Old Batch

Admission Closed (Batch Ongoing)

C Cube

Concept | Connectivity | Consolidation

Adding New Dimensions with Conceptual Thinking

Ojha sir’s unique concept of C3

This concept, if implemented anywhere, not only, UPSC Preparations, will give sure shot success. It helps you to get greater success in life, not just UPSC or Civil Services Examinations.

This course not just prepares you for UPSC, but also, gives you a strategic insight on how to do your preparations to get the ultimate success in life.